How to Check Spotify Wrapped, Dive into Your Spotify Wrapped Experience

Music lovers eagerly await Spotify Wrapped each year – the fun, personalized roundup of everything you listened to over the past 12 months. This end-of-year campaign allows users to boldly share their unique music journey from 2022 in an engaging, visual way.

With over 574 million worldwide listeners, Spotify Wrapped provides a comprehensive breakdown of users’ top artists, albums, songs, podcasts and more. The highly anticipated feature dropped on November 30, 2022, allowing millions of users to dive into their personalized listening stats.

When and Where to Access Spotify Wrapped:

Eager users could access their tailored Spotify Wrapped packages starting at 8 AM ET on November 30, 2022. This was one day earlier than Spotify Wrapped’s 2021 release date, much to fans’ delight.

There are two main ways to view your Spotify Wrapped:

  1. Open the Spotify app on iOS or Android devices. Look for the prominent Spotify Wrapped banner on the homepage. Tap on it to view your Wrapped story.
  2. Visit on a laptop or desktop. However, some users reported glitches with the website link on launch day, so the app may be more reliable.

If you encounter any issues accessing Spotify Wrapped, don’t worry. Simply try again a bit later once traffic dies down. The feature will be readily available throughout the rest of 2022 and into 2023.

What Does Spotify Wrapped Include?

Your personalized Spotify Wrapped tells the unique story of how you listened to music, podcasts, and more over the past year. The in-depth stats are displayed through a dynamic slideshow format, making your Wrapped experience visual and engaging.

Here are some of the main elements included in Spotify Wrapped:

  • Your top 100 songs – See your most played tracks of the year ranked. This includes how many minutes you listened to each.
  • Top genres – Find out what music genres you gravitated towards in 2022. Spotify compiles this in a handy graph format.
  • Top artists and top podcasts – See rankings of your favorite musicians and podcast shows this year.
  • Audio aura – Spotify describes your listening personality through this fun feature. Were you an early bird or a night owl based on your listening times?
  • Listening statistics – See fascinating stats like how many minutes you listened and how your music consumption compared to past years.
  • Share cards – Easily share your favorite Spotify stats and stories on social media. This helps Spotify spread the word.
  • Custom playlists – Enjoy curated playlists of your top songs, artists, and favorites from throughout the year.

The shareable, visual nature of Spotify Wrapped allows you to showcase your unique listening journey this past year boldly. Read on for tips to access previous years’ Wrapped plus the 2022 global stats.

Viewing Your Spotify Wrapped History

Can you see your Spotify Wrapped from previous years? Unfortunately, there is currently no native feature to view your Wrapped stories from past years within the app.

However, you can still listen to old Wrapped playlists! Here’s how:

  • Open the Spotify app or website and search “Wrapped” plus the year. For example, search “Wrapped 2021.”
  • This will display various playlists like “Your Top Songs 2021” or “Your Artists Revealed 2021.”
  • Simply click on any Wrapped playlist from your desired year to view the tracks and start listening.

While you can’t see the full visual slideshow, you can still rediscover your annual jams with old-wrapped playlists. It’s the next best thing to a Throwback Wrapped feature!

When Does Data Tracking Begin?

You might be wondering when exactly Spotify begins tracking your listening data for Wrapped each year. Based on previous Spotify Wrapped launches, data collection appears to run from January 1st through at least Halloween of that year.

Spotify confirmed this extended tracking period in an October 2022 social media post stating that Wrapped “counts past Halloween.” So any spooky listening through October 31st was included in your Spotify Wrapped 2022.

The official cut-off date is not confirmed but is estimated to be in early November. So your Wrapped 2022 encompasses 11 full months of listening. All the more reason to share the comprehensive stats!

Top Global Artists in Spotify Wrapped

In addition to your personal Spotify Wrapped, music fans are also eager to see the platform’s overall top artists, songs, and podcasts for 2022.

This year, global superstar Taylor Swift clinched the top spot with over 26.1 billion streams worldwide. It’s easy to see why with hit albums Midnights and Red (Taylor’s Version) driving major listener engagement.

Here are the remaining top 5 global artists according to Spotify Wrapped:

  1. Bad Bunny with over 19.1 billion streams
  2. The Weeknd snagged the #3 spot with over 18.6 billion streams
  3. Drake took 4th place with over 18.2 billion streams
  4. Peso Pluma rounded out the top 5 with over 14.7 billion streams globally

It’s wonderful to see diverse artists spanning pop, rap, R&B, and Latin genres represented in Spotify’s most-streamed list. This highlights the varied musical tastes of Spotify’s hundreds of millions of listeners.

Key Takeaways

Spotify Wrapped allows you to boldly share your unique musical journey with creative, visual stats and insights. By following these best practices, you’ll get the most out of Wrapped:

  • Access Wrapped on the Spotify app on November 30th or later for the optimal experience.
  • Use Wrapped sharing cards to spread your listening stats on social media. This helps Spotify’s brand awareness.
  • Search “Wrapped [Year]” to find playlists from your previous Wrapped if you want to revisit your top tunes.
  • Remember Wrapped tracks your listening from January 1st through at least October 31st.
  • Check out Spotify’s global Top Artists and Songs lists to see how your Wrapped compares.

The highly anticipated annual tradition of Spotify Wrapped offers the perfect opportunity to boldly share your unique music story. So soak in your listening stats and have fun sharing your Wrapped! What artists do you think will top your personal and Spotify’s global Wrapped for 2023?

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