How to Check Spotify Listening Time, How To Check Spotify Listening Hours, Easy Way To Know

For dedicated Spotify users, one of the most intriguing stats is total listening time. How many hours, days, or even weeks have you spent streaming endless playlists?

Unfortunately, Spotify does not make your total streaming time readily available within its mobile or desktop apps. The only glimpse most users get is during the app’s popular Spotify Wrapped promotion in December.

But with a few handy third-party tools, you can easily keep tabs on your hourly Spotify listening time all year round. Read on to discover several methods to view your lifetime Spotify streaming data.

Method 1: Spotistats App

One of the simplest ways to get your Spotify listening stats is by using a third-party app called Spotistats. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Download the Spotistats app for iPhone/iPad or Android. You can search “Spotistats” in the App Store or Play Store.

Step 2: Open the app and log into your Spotify account when prompted.

Step 3: In the app, request your extended streaming history data from Spotify via email.

Step 4: Once Spotify sends your data, purchase the one-time Spotistats Plus upgrade via in-app purchase. This unlocks lifetime stats.

Step 5: Upload the Spotify data files to Spotistats. Then view your total hours listened.

The key advantage of Spotistats is the ability to see lifetime listening hours, days, artists, tracks, and more. The one-time paid upgrade lets you continuously monitor streaming time with no limits.

Method 2: Last. fm

Last. fm is a veteran music stats tracker that integrates with Spotify. Here’s how to view your listening time:

Step 1: Create a free Last. fm account and connect your Spotify account.

Step 2: Use Spotify normally for some time while collects your listening data.

Step 3: Log into to view listening reports including time spent listening to artists, tracks, etc.

With, you can view detailed listening reports and stats breakdowns for time ranges like weekly, monthly, or your entire profile. However, you’ll need to pay for the Pro subscription to see lifetime total hours.

Method 3: Spotify Wrapped

Each December, Spotify unveils its popular Spotify Wrapped campaign. This provides users with a beautifully designed breakdown of listening stats from the past year.

Wrapped will showcase listening milestones including total minutes/hours streamed in 2022 along with top artists, songs, genres, and podcasts. Make sure to view your Wrapped for a quick annual check of streaming time.

Method 4: Streaming History Download

For tech-savvy Spotify users, you can download your full streaming history and analyze it yourself. Here’s how:

Step 1: Email Spotify requesting your extended streaming history data.

Step 2: Download your streaming history files from Spotify when ready.

Step 3: Review and tally streaming times in music player apps or a spreadsheet.

It takes some effort, but you’ll have your lifetime total Spotify streaming time. Data processing apps like last. fm can help analyze it.

Why Track Spotify Listening Time?

With on-demand music streaming dominating today’s audio landscape, monitoring your listening time provides valuable perspective. Here are key reasons to measure your Spotify streaming:

  • Discover how different periods compare. Do you stream more on weekends or during your work commute? Compare monthly listening totals.
  • Get a big picture view. Seeing cumulative lifetime listening time can be eye-opening. Are you happy with your streaming amount?
  • Plan adjustments if needed. If your total listening time seems excessive, you can take measures to scale back.
  • Feel rewarded as milestones hit. Celebrate hitting lifetime landmarks like 1,000 hours streamed or 1 year spent listening.
  • Enhance music memories. Stats like your top tracks and artists over time can spark nostalgia.
  • See patterns and preferences. The data reveals your true listening habits and favorite genres.
  • Share fun stats with friends. Compete for the most listening time or see who has the most obscure tastes.

So while Spotify itself keeps its streaming cards close to its chest, third-party tools unlock valuable lifetime listening insights.

Using Spotistats to View Time

Since Spotistats offers the most complete lifetime hourly tracking, let’s explore using its mobile app in more detail.

Once you download and open Spotistats, the clean interface displays essential metrics like your top artists, tracks, genres and recent plays. But the most valuable info is hidden behind the paid Plus upgrade.

Here are step-by-step directions to purchase Spotistats Plus and view your lifetime data:

Step 1: Tap the Stats radar icon at the bottom to enter the Stats section.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap “Get Spotistats Plus” to view purchase options.

Step 3: Choose either the quarterly or lifetime purchase (one-time fee) to unlock full stats.

Step 4: The App Store or Play Store will process your Spotistats Plus purchase.

Step 5: Return to the Stats section to now view lifetime playing time and other key totals!

The excellent Spotistats Plus upgrade is affordable and well worth it for unlimited, detailed tracking of your Spotify listening habits.

Interpreting Your Spotify Listening Time Stats

Once you connect tools like Spotistats and Last. fm, you’ll gain instant access to your Spotify listening time totals. But what do all the hours, minutes, and seconds indicate?

Here are key benchmarks for understanding your lifetime Spotify streaming time:

  • Under 500 hours total: You’re still getting started streaming music via Spotify. Totals under 500 hours represent casual or periodic listening.
  • 500 to 5,000 hours: You’re a regular Spotify listener who streams multiple times per week. Your broad music tastes keep you listening for thousands of hours.
  • 5,000 to 15,000 hours: Now we’re talking serious Spotify dedication. Listening time in the thousands of hours indicates daily listening. You’re hooked on streaming.
  • 15,000+ hours: Only the most dedicated Spotify users reach this tier. At over 15,000 lifetime hours streamed, music is likely your constant companion via Spotify.

As you monitor your cumulative listening time, you can assess where you fall within these streaming benchmarks. Of course, everyone’s music streaming habits vary drastically. But aiming for a healthy balance is wise.

Too little time may mean you’re missing out on the joys of discovery through streaming. But erring too far in the other direction can indicate overindulgence in streaming entertainment.

As with all things, moderation based on your lifestyle is key. Know your totals, and adjust your listening balance accordingly.

Privacy Considerations

When using third-party apps to monitor listening stats, it’s essential to note the privacy compromises. By authorizing apps to access your Spotify account, you are handing over listening data.

Here are smart tips to protect your privacy:

  • Only connect apps you fully trust, like well-known names Spotistats and Avoid sketchy apps.
  • Use unique, strong passwords for your Spotify account and any connected apps.
  • Revoke app access to Spotify when desired via your Spotify account settings.
  • Delete apps entirely if you have privacy concerns or no longer want your data collected.
  • Never pay for upgrades via sketchy apps. Stick to secure payments through Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Review app privacy policies to understand exactly what data is collected and stored.

Following these best practices ensures you can securely view Spotify listening time without compromising private account details or listening habits.

Key Takeaways

Here are the essential tips for monitoring your lifetime Spotify streaming:

  • Spotify itself does not display lifetime listening totals (except briefly during the annual Spotify Wrapped).
  • Third-party apps like Spotistats and integrate with Spotify to provide valuable listening time stats.
  • A one-time paid upgrade fee for Spotistats Plus enables lifetime hourly tracking with no limits.
  • Lifetime listening hours indicate your level of dedication ranging from casual to extremely devoted.
  • Moderate your streaming based on your listening time totals and personal needs.
  • Protect your privacy by only using trusted apps and unique passwords.

While Spotify keeps its streaming cards close, apps like Spotistats empower users to monitor listening time. So embrace the stats to build self-awareness and maximize the role music plays in your life.


Why can’t I see my lifetime listening hours on Spotify?

Spotify does not display users’ total lifetime listening hours within its mobile or desktop apps. The only time Spotify reveals your streaming time is in the annual Spotify Wrapped.

What are some ways to see my total hours listened to on Spotify?

You can use third-party apps like Spotistats and Last.FM which integrates with Spotify and tracks your listening data over time. Checking your Spotify Wrapped each December also shows your yearly listening time.

How does the Spotistats app work to show lifetime Spotify hours?

Spotistats tracks all your Spotify listening history. After downloading the app, purchase a one-time Spotistats Plus subscription to unlock unlimited access to lifetime listening stats including total hours.

What does Last FM show for Spotify listening time?

Last.FM seamlessly pulls data from Spotify to display listening reports. This includes total time spent listening to artists, tracks, etc. A paid subscription is needed to see your full lifetime hours total.

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