How to Check Spotify Steams, Monitoring Your Spotify Streams Made Simple

With over 456 million monthly active users, Spotify has become one of the world’s most popular music streaming platforms. Its mobile app enables you to take your music anywhere, streaming playlists and podcasts on the go. However, one limitation of the mobile app is the inability to view song stream counts.

This guide will cover why accessing song stream data on mobile is useful, methods for viewing stream counts, and tips for engaging with Spotify to request this feature.

Why View Song Streams on Mobile?

Here are some key reasons why accessing song stream counts on the Spotify mobile app would be beneficial for users:

Track Popularity

Mobile stream data would allow you to see which of your songs are most popular with listeners. This helps inform creative decisions and marketing.

Analyze Performance

Detailed mobile streaming analytics helps artists, podcasters, and creators track performance over time and across platforms.

Discover Trends

Viewing which songs and episodes trend on mobile spots emerging hits and new listener preferences faster.

Engagement Insights

Song and show stream counts on mobile provide valuable engagement metrics and help target promotional efforts.

Enhanced Experience

The ability to access streaming analytics unlocks a more complete experience and mirrors desktop functionality.

Current State of Mobile Stream Counts

At present, the Spotify mobile app does not offer any view of how many times a song has been streamed. However, the desktop app and web player do provide stream counts.

This disparity between desktop and mobile highlights an area for improvement. However there are workarounds and methods users have found to get insights into mobile streaming activity.

3 Methods to View Song Streams on Mobile

Until direct mobile access is added, you can leverage these approaches to obtain mobile stream data:

1. Check Desktop App

The Spotify desktop app displays complete analytics for songs, including total streams across platforms. This provides a big-picture overview.

2. Use Third-Party Analytics Tools

Services like Chartmetric pull data from Spotify’s API to estimate mobile streams. They offer more granular insights than the desktop view.

3. Analyze Relative Performance

Compare a track’s stream count over time in the desktop app to infer periods of heavier mobile streaming based on spikes.

While not as ideal as native mobile streaming statistics, these options let you piece together mobile performance.

Ways to Request Spotify Add Mobile Stream Counts

If direct access to song streams on mobile matters to you, there are constructive ways to request this from Spotify:

Upvote Existing Ideas

Find and upvote Ideas already submitted to Spotify requesting this feature. This helps demonstrate demand.

Submit New Ideas

Start your Idea thread detailing the benefits of accessing mobile stream data and why it should be added.

Give App Feedback

Use in-app prompts to provide feedback to Spotify on the mobile experience and suggest adding mobile streaming stats.

Engage on Social Media

Politely tag @Spotify and request native mobile stream counts on posts highlighting your music and podcasts.

The more consistent and thoughtful the engagement, the more likely Spotify will consider implementing this widely desired feature.

Best Practices for Monitoring Song Performance

Once able to view song streams on mobile, creators can employ best practices like:

  • Compare mobile and desktop streams to identify your audience’s preferred listening platforms.
  • Set targets for minimum mobile streams for new releases to benchmark success.
  • Analyze streaming trends over time to spot viral hits gaining traction on mobile.
  • Leverage mobile analytics to optimize future creative decisions and marketing spending.
  • Segment mobile listeners by demographics and geography using additional third-party analytics tools.

Accessing stream data provides actionable insights, but remember to always keep the focus on delighting your listeners rather than just chasing metrics.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are there any risks to monitoring mobile streams?

There are no risks, as long as you maintain a healthy mindset and don’t let statistics overly influence your creativity. Use the data as one input among many.

Does Spotify share its full stream data via its API?

No, third-party analytics tools only provide estimations based on incomplete API data. Native mobile access would give creators the full picture.

When will Spotify add this feature?

While only Spotify can confirm timelines, this is a heavily requested capability. With sufficient engagement, it could potentially be added within 2023.

Will access be free or part of Spotify for Artists subscriptions?

Hopefully, it will be freely available to all, but Spotify for Artists members may get enhanced analytics capabilities.

Takeaways for Accessing Mobile Stream Counts

The ability to view song and episode stream counts directly within the Spotify mobile app would empower creators and offer parity with the desktop experience. While desktop insights, third-party tools, and social media engagement provide workarounds, native access on mobile is the ultimate goal.

As a highly desired feature, consistent, thoughtful requests to Spotify to add this capability can potentially achieve results. With enough supporters highlighting its benefits, mobile stream statistics could arrive in 2023. This would unlock a valuable new lens into audience listening preferences and engagement.

So tap into the possibilities, and let your voice be heard. The future of fully informed mobile analytics on Spotify is bright.

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