How to Check Spotify Blend Percentage: Make Musical Magic with Spotify’s Blend Feature

Music has an incredible power to bring people together. And in today’s digital world, Spotify makes it easier than ever for music lovers to bond over shared musical tastes. One of Spotify’s most exciting features for connecting friends and lovers is Blend.

What is Spotify Blend and How Does It Work?

Blend is a fun Spotify feature that lets you combine musical forces with friends, significant others, or even celebrity crushes to create a shared playlist. The feature also provides users with a “taste match” compatibility score, so you can find out how similar your music preferences are.

To use Blend on Spotify, search for “Blend” or click “Create a Blend” under Made For You. Choose someone to blend with, and once they accept your invitation, Spotify will generate a unique playlist blending your musical tastes.

Along with the 50-song playlist, Spotify Blend provides a “taste match” score indicating your music compatibility. This score can range from 0% to 100%. The higher your score, the more musical chemistry you share!

4 Spotify Blend Taste Match Levels

Here are the 4 taste match levels Spotify Blend may assign based on your musical compatibility:

  • Relationship Rising (0-25%): Lots of room for your music tastes to grow together.
  • Discovery Duos (26-50%): Your musical tastes have some surprising discoveries in store.
  • Pass the Aux Pair (51-75%): You regularly share songs and genres.
  • Made for Us or Off the Charts (76-100%): Your music tastes are practically identical – musical soulmates!

Blend with Friends, Lovers, and Celeb Crushes

Blend makes it easy to compare music tastes and create joint playlists with friends, significant others, and even celebrity crushes.

Blend with Your BFFs

Want to find out just how similar your music taste is compared to your bestie? Blend lets you combine your favorite genres, artists, and songs into one playlist.

See if you have any unexpected music gems or guilty pleasures in common. Or discover your friendship was truly made for musical greatness with an off the charts compatibility score!

Find Musical Harmony with Your Sweetheart

What better way for couples to celebrate their love than by blending their musical hearts and voices?

Sync up your Spotify accounts to create a romantic relationship playlist that mixes your favorite romantic ballads, pump-up anthems, chill vibes, and musical memories.

The taste match score can reveal exciting musical compatibility layers to your relationship. Or if you get “Relationship Rising,” you can have fun introducing each other to new tunes and genres.

Discover Your Celebrity Crush Compatibility

Do you vibe with Billie Eilish’s dark pop style? Do you know all the lyrics to Harry Styles’ hits? Well now you can find out just how compatible your music taste is with your celebrity crush’s discography.

Select celebrity artists like Lizzo, BTS, and Post Malone have Spotify Blend invites you can click to compare your musical DNA. Then check your blend story to see your official celebrity crush compatibility score!

Unique Features of Spotify Blend Playlists

In addition to taste match scores, Spotify Blend playlists have some other cool features that set them apart.

Dynamic Daily Updates

The Blend playlist isn’t just a static one-time thing. Spotify’s algorithm updates your joint playlist daily with new tracks it thinks you’ll both enjoy based on listening patterns.

So you get a blend that evolves alongside your friendship or relationship. You’ll discover fresh jams and new dimensions to your musical chemistry.

Share Your Results

Once you’ve created your Blend, you can easily share your taste match results and joint playlist.

Post your Blend on social media to show your friends how musically in sync you and your blending partner are. Or share it privately as a musical love letter.

Listen Together

With Spotify’s Group Session feature, you and your blending buddy can listen to the Blend playlist together at the same time, no matter how far apart you may physically be.

Group Session lets you control the music and sync up your joint playlist for a shared musical experience. Cue up your Blend and enjoy your combined musical tastes together!

How to Get the Most Out of Spotify Blend

Here are some tips to create the perfect Blend playlist and get the most meaning from your musical matchmaking experience:

  • Blend with someone you want to connect with – a close friend, romantic partner, or aspiring partner. Don’t just blend with a random acquaintance.
  • Share new music discoveries – use Blend chatting to share your thoughts on new songs Spotify suggests based on your blended tastes.
  • Listen to the full Blend – don’t just glance at your taste match score. Actually listen to the blend playlist for musical insight into your compatibility.
  • Re-Blend periodically – blend again after several months and see how your musical chemistry progresses and evolves over time.
  • Share your results – post your Blend taste match on social media or privately with your blending partner to celebrate your musical DNA syncing up.

Make Beautiful Music Together with Spotify Blend

At its heart, Spotify Blend is about making connections. In our modern, digital era, it can be difficult to find meaningful ways to bond with friends and loved ones.

Blend provides a creative avenue to explore musical passions together. You just might uncover surprising new levels to your relationships when you compare musical minds through Blend taste matching.

So invite someone special to mix melodies and find harmonies together. Blend up your favorite genres, artists, and songs into a musical discovery celebrating the soundtrack of your shared heart and soul.


What is Spotify Blend?

Spotify Blend is a feature that lets you create a shared playlist with a friend that combines both of your musical tastes. It matches your favorite songs and recommends new tracks you’ll both like.

How does Spotify Blend work?

To use Blend, search for it on Spotify and choose someone to blend with. Once they accept your invite, Spotify will generate a 50-song playlist mixing your favorites. It also gives you a “taste match” compatibility score from 0-100%.

Who can I blend with on Spotify?

You can blend playlists with friends, romantic partners, or even celebrity crushes if they have a public Blend invite link. The blend is designed for two people to match musical tastes.

What is the taste match score?

In addition to the playlist, Blend provides a taste match score that indicates how similar your music preferences are. A higher score means you have more musical chemistry.

What do the different taste match levels mean?

  • 0-25%: Relationship Rising
  • 26-50%: Discovery Duos
  • 51-75%: Pass the Aux Pair
  • 76-100%: Made for Us or Off the Charts

How does the Blend playlist work?

The Blend playlist updates daily with new recommended songs based on your combined listening habits. You can also listen together through Spotify’s Group Session feature.

How can I share my Blend results?

You can share your Blend playlist and taste match score on social media or privately message it to each other. This lets you celebrate your musical compatibility.

What are some tips for getting the most out of Blend?

Blend with someone meaningful, share discoveries, listen to the full playlist, re-blend periodically, and share your results. Use Blend as a way to bond over music.

Is Blend only available on mobile?

You can create a Blend playlist on both mobile and desktop, but the taste match score feature is currently only available on mobile devices.

desktop, but the taste match score feature is currently only available on mobile devices.

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